We help plumbing companies add 20+ jobs and $10K–$30K+ in revenue every month by capitalizing on the untapped potential of an undervalued lead source that most companies do not even realize they have...

their past customer list!

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The PlumbingGrowth Accelerator!

So, What is it?

The PlumbingGrowth Accelerator Program is your ally in harnessing the power of database reactivation, tailored specifically for the plumbing industry. By revitalizing neglected or underutilized customer connections, we transform your dormant contacts into active, engaged patrons, boosting both customer value and loyalty.

Our strategy extends beyond simple reactivation; it's about nurturing and strengthening your existing relationships, ensuring every touchpoint with your customers maximizes engagement and reinforces trust. What's the outcome? A robust, loyal customer base that consistently chooses you and contributes to noticeable business growth.

Designed with the unique needs of the plumbing business in mind, the PlumbingGrowth Accelerator Program marries efficiency with impactful results, helping you take your business to that next level.

Why Database Reactivation?

  • Cost-Effective Approach: Securing a new customer can cost 5X to 25X more than keeping an existing one. Our focus on reactivating your current customers ensures you leverage this cost advantage to its fullest.

  • Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value: Customers brought back through reactivation are 5-7 times more likely to make a repeat purchase compared to first-time customers. Already acquainted with your company and reputation, these re-engaged customers are more inclined to use you for all of their plumbing needs, enhancing their long-term value.

  • Minimized Customer Turnover: Consistent reactivation initiatives significantly lower the risk of losing customers to competitors. By routinely re-engaging those who have become inactive, and by staying front of mind with all of your customers, you safeguard your customer base, ensuring sustained loyalty and retention.

Check out this case study video...

Ashley Stroud

-Plumbing Outfitters

Jeff Monhollan

-Liam Services

What do our clients have to say about us?

James Suttle

-Suttle Air

"Chris contacted me and I told him I had no interest in what he was selling... he just asked me for 2 min. of my time and he wouldnt try to sell me on anything, I only gave that to him cause of how he approached the conversation with me, within 2 min. he sold me on his company and him as a man. If your looking for someone to help you build your company he is the man to help you. I believe in Chris and his system fully."

Jeff Monhollan

-Liam Services LLC

"Chris is a great guy, and he does what he says he’s going to do... Chris contacted me and I agreed to a meeting, knowing I was going to say no. Just wanted to hear the pitch. Chris seemed like the real deal in our interview. So I gave him a shot... The first day he started up the chat. We had 2-3 bookings in 2 hours. On the first week he booked us out and kept my 2 technicians busy. Since that first week. He has consistently generated 10-16 leads per week... Off of those calls in 1.5 months. We have generated somewhere around $65,000.00 in revenue. Thank you Chris. You do not know how much you have helped me, and my team... Every time my guys are at the shop with no calls to run morale goes down. You have definitely helped keep us busy. Thank you".

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